Rubix Project Review : $12,835 is Just Fake, Don’t Trust!!

Rubix Project Review : $12,835 is Just Fake, Don’t Trust!! – Rubix Project is a scam software that was launched. It’s very recently in the binary industry and its owner seems to be introducing this software in the video promo. The official page of the software contains a video promo which runs for almost half an hour. The man Brain Morgan is said to be the owner and founder of this software. This man talks so many things about making earnings with this software. He is seen bragging all his owned home, cars and office. In this post, I will tell you, how reliable is Rubix Project binary software. So, keep reading this post as I am going to give an honest Rubix Project Review.

Rubix Project Review Scam

Rubix Project Review – Is Mr. Brain Morgan the Real Owner of this Software?

The man Brain Morgan is not the real man behind the creation of Rubix Project software. This man is rather a scam actor who appeared in some other scam software as well. Well, you must have known by now that this man’s real name is not Brain Morgan and he is not the CEO of Rubix Morgan. There is no doubt that he is a hired actor who represented this software for the sake of few dollars. However, the things that he was bragging about are just fake. He doesn’t own those things in real life. This kind of thing happens in most of the scam binary trading software.

How Does the Software Works?

The software is said to be working based on auto-pilot mode.  Its entire functioning is on the automated platform. The fake owner, however, mentions that the software never loses even a single trade since from the time of its launch. The software keeps on bragging more about making an earning but fails to completely explain how?. So, there is nothing further trading information and guide provided on the official website to trust this software. In the video promo, Brain Morgan introduces his team which is all fake actors, as you have known. This software is nothing but a bunch of scammers that are hidden behind the screen.

Making $12,835 per day is Impossible with Such a Lame Software:

Though the software presents so many luxurious scenarios and Lamborghini car but this is all just a shot taken to represent the software as a legitimate software. You must be very much alert regarding this advertisement that scam software does and it is quite common nowadays.

Without any proper trading tool, how can this software be so advance in earning and it even claims that it never loses any trade?. The software fails to explain, how the income is generated and it fails to give a trading guide on the official site as well. Making $12,835 in a single day is impossible with Rubix Project software because no proper trading information is provided on the official website, to vest our trust into.

100% Winning Trade is Impossible – Winning all the Trade Without a Single Loss is Bogus:

The software claims that it can give you 100% winning a trade with the help of its auto-pilot system, but no software gives trade with such accuracy. Binary trade software is capable of giving you accuracy on trading up to 85% normally and not more than that. So, the fact is clear that this software is trying to cheat on the new beginners by boasting so many things to show itself as genuine software. Moreover, no trade keeps on winning continuously whereas this software is found to be claiming such huge success rate. In the official page, I further encountered trading result page where all the trade is in won status without a single loss.

Fake Video Testimonial Section Encountered – 90 days Beta Tester:

In the second page of the official page, I found that two video testimonials of Mason and Christine, who joined the software as the beta tester. The income is displayed on the page as they had already reached 90 days of joining the software and they are a millionaire now. However, this page and persons are all fake. They are none other than a hired actor who represented the video testimonials as the beta tester. Making $782,358.35 in just three months is not possible with this scam software and all the acting that they did can be easily traced as well.

No Experience is Demanded to Join the Software – Be alert:

The software doesn’t demand a knowledgeable person to join the software instead it is looking for people who don’t have any knowledge in trade because it gets easier to cheat beginners always. Anyone who is looking for the right trading option must avoid Rubix Project because it is a fake software that cannot generate even a single pie for you. The scammers are really scared to get caught, and that is the reason he is demanding new traders to join his scam software. However, it will be foolish to join any binary option without making complete research on the functioning of the software.

Time Limit Provided for Registration in the Software is Bogus:

In the second page of the software. You will find a registration section where you will see the minutes and seconds keep running. This time limitation for joining is really something that is not genuine. And it’s like forcing to join the software as fast as possible. The real fact is that this time is not working. If you reload the page the time starts running from the beginning. You will also find something like 1 License remaining to join the software, which is completely fake and not trustable.

Final Verdict – Avoid Using Rubix Project Software because it’s Damn Scam Software:

After reading this Rubix Project Review, I hope that you are already aware of this scam software. This software which cannot give any real live trade or income. Some of the scam factors highlighted above are to the best of my knowledge and research. Thus, I suggest you not to even try this software. Rather I recommend you not to even visit the official site of Rubix Project because it might divert you to be one of its victims. So, it’s a high time to be away from this scam software.