Tutorial Trading Binary Option in Binary

Tutorial Trading Binary Option in Binary – Binary option trading is very easy, we do not need to study various types of indicators and do not need to pay attention to graphs throughout the day. Trading binary options can be done throughout the day. This is possible because the global market is open 24 hours and 7 days full without any holiday, Here let’s learn the tutorial of trading binary option.

Tutorial Trading Binary Option

So it does not matter if you have a job because you can trade anytime. Do not worry about initial capital because the minimum capital for binary trading option is $10. And the stake for the beginning of trading is also relatively very cheap, it is about $0.35 for smallest stake that can be trade. With a very affordable stake in the binary option, it can be used as an alternative or even used as the main activity in earning income.

Tutorial Trading Binary Option

The initial stage of trading binary option is to open an account at the broker that we will use binary.com. Please click here to open account and fill in your data such as name, email and password. After that check your email to confirm the registration.

Once completed then you automatically get a demo account premises balance balance $10,000 and you can already do the exercises with the demo account. You can try some of the trading platforms at Binary.com. Well in these trading platforms that we will later trading binary option, especially in binary.com.

Log in to the binary option account in binary.com by using the email and password you have registered and note it looks like the picture below.

Many trading platform in binary options provided by binary.com, including:

1. Rise Fall
2. Higher Lower
3. In Out
4. Asian
5. Digits

All platform types have different types and ways of trading that can be tailored to the desires of the users or traders in these binary options.

Below is one of the introduction dashboard screenshot or start page trading binary options on binary.com,

Trading binary option di binary.com

Please see and learn the function of every menu and platform. So briefly binary option trading is buying up (Higher) or down (Lower) option when you predict that the price will rise, then you will oepn position Higherand if you predict the price will go down then you will open position to Lower. Pay attention to time expiration (Duration) that you can set by yourself (I often use 2 minutes duration)

If you do not understand please directly open an account in binary.com and try it with a virtual account first,

1. Choose Platform to be selected for trading binary options, Example : Options Rise Fall
2. Enter the stake that will be trade
3. Set expiration or duration time as long as trade needed
4. Click UP (Rise) or Down (Fall) according to your prediction

In the example below I select down with $ 10 capital and get $ 9.42 profit, and in the platform it will look like this.

Trading binary option rise fall

I think is very easy trading binary options

Once you’ve finished experimenting with demo money, it’s time to jump into real money. The trick is very easy, just upgrade your virtual account (VRTC) to the real account (CR) by clicking on the upgrade button. Please see the picture below.

After that you will be directed to the main page at binary.com to view your real account (CR) and still with $ 0 balance. To be able to trade with Real account, then you must make a deposit or additional balance in your real account. You can make a deposit with a minimum of $10.

This Deposit can be done in various ways, can use electronic money such as credit cards, web-money, neteller or fasapay but can also through Changer that serves charging deposit to acc real, and there are many Changer in the world that ready to serve charging deposit to this binary account. And I prefer to use the services changer, because it will be easier to transfer and withdrawal process using regular bank transfers and requires a relatively faster time.

Similarly Information about binary option trading in Binary.com. Congratulations to practice with virtual account then continued with your real account. Good luck.

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